The Beginning

Raffael Willems, born in the eighties in Germany, Europe and based in Blieskastel.
My enthusiasm for computers began with an Atari ST and the Ommikron BASIC programming language.
Later I continued with an IBM Model 30 286/DOS6.2 with Quickbasic.
In the 2000s, I was on the Internet with a US Robotics USR3453B modem. Windows was my daily companion.
Around 2007 I started to get involved with Linux. Not as a desktop but as a server because I didn't really find it usable as a desktop (I had no idea), first Suse then Mandriva. a little later Fedora. Around 2011 I ended up with Debian.

From the beginning of 2013, I used Fedora with XFCE as my desktop environment because the recently released Windows 8 was simply terrible.
I don't remember exactly when I compiled my first DWM but Kai Hendry got me on the track of the Tiling Window Manager. Here are the Videos DWM Playlist
after this experience, I dared to try something bigger and my pacman.log ­čśÇ says i installed my currently daily driver on 2016-10-06


Here are a list of things i have done over the years. It contains only the Milestones

Year Jobtitle/Milestones
9.2021 Head of IT @ imc AG
Main responsible for IT Procurment
Contributor ISO-27001
Provider, Maintenance for DevOps (Git, Sonarqube,Defect Dojo, ...)
Provide, Maintenance K8s
Planing, implementation Intune MDM
Setup, Planing new HV Cluster
Migration of bare Metal to VM
Setup, Maintain Postfix MTA Cluster for Customers Worldwide
DMARC, DKIM, Rollout internal and for Customers
Setup, Maintain,implement Icinga2 for all Internal IT-Services
Setup ELK for central Log Collection and Analyses with Kibana
Setup ECK (Elastic on K8s) for central Log Collection and Analyses of Customers Systems
Containering (Docker,compose) many Services to simplify the Administration
2011-2019 IT-Systemadministrator @ RVI GmbH
Planing, implementation of a new DMS (Migration from Easy to d.3ecm)
Migration of existing WSS to Sharepoint 2012
Setup, implementation of Typo3 (Website)
Exchange onPrem to Office365 Migration
Development PlanManagementServer (PlanMS)
Planing, implementation of CTI Solution (Estos Procall)
Mainly responsible for export and validation of customers and master data from GAP Group Immotion
Author of Exportscripts (SQL,T-SQL) for Datamigration to SAP R3
Migration from Sharepoint 2012 Application to Salesforce
DSGVO Rollout
2009-2011 IT-Systemadministrator @ Fresenius Medical Care
Maintain TDMS (Therapy Data Management System)
Setup Healthcare Networks
Customer Support/Helpdesk
2003-2009 IT-Technican @ Froehlich & Walter GmbH Saarbr├╝cken
Trainee to IT-Technican
Build Desktop Computers
Maintenance of Customer IT-Systems


  • ELK (Elastic Logstash Kibana), Elasticsearch
  • ISO 27001
  • Virtualisation
    • KVM
    • MS HyperV
    • VMWare
  • Container
    • DOCKER
    • Kubernetes
  • Cloud
    • AWS (Amazon Webservices)
    • Azure
    • MS-500 Certified
  • IT-Operations
    • IPA
    • Icinga
    • Networking
      • CCNA Certified
      • Routing
      • VPN (S2S,SSL,...)
  • Linux Distributions
    • Archlinux,Debian,...
    • AL2023 (Amazon Linux),AL2
  • Storage
    • HP-MSA
    • Ceph
    • ZFS
    • SAN
  • Database
    • MSSQL Server T-SQL
    • Postgres
    • MariaDB
    • MySQL
  • Mail
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Postfix (MTA)
  • Microsoft
    • MSAD
    • Windows Server 2012,2016,...